I am Nalini Mariboyina from DigitalNalin.com. Here I want to present the interview Conversation about me and The famous Telugu blogger and ECO of digitalABCD.com Mr. Ravi Kiran.

Hello sir warm welcome, this is nalini from digitalnalini.com and I want to know your success story please kindly share with me.


Sir I know your name but some of the people they don’t know your Name please?

Ravi Kiran

Ravi Kiran

Where are you from?


Before the blogger What you did?

Before blogging or the Digital Marketing field, I am a software Analyst. but I am not interested in the software field and am very passionate about Digital Marketing. So I have entered into Digital Marketing Field.

I have 7 years experience on software field. TCS,HCL ETC in my past experience with in these companies.

How many years back you came to Digital Marketing field?

in the year of 2007 i came to this field and I have started a startup.

but I got an idea who are the people want to startup I will be guide them.

then immediately started training institute near by SR nagar.

How to became a personal branding blogger?

Actually that is based on our Digital Marketing Skills and Marketing strategies and needs.

first off all we have to know the needs and wants of market place then we have to proceed.

and to bring the grip on Digital Marketing. and we have to more and more research on all things regarding requirements.

and write blogs continuously then only we can standout on Digital marketing Personal brand.

How to select Best courses in Digital Marketing?

here there are no good or bad courses in Digital Marketing Based on our interest and learning depends on best or better.

How much we can spend to learn Digital Marketing?

Here, there is no limited amount because it is a dynamic platform it can change all ways new versions and Technologies. so, here we can learn easily self-learning from youtube and google.

because nowadays so many channels are there to provide free courses.

How many companies are you running?

I am running 2 Companies Smartelugu and digitalAbcd.

How to Develop Personnel Branding like you?

First of all we have to select our niche and interest, and market.

what your passionate about just check it once and combined all these you select suitable one.

you have to create trust in public your the best one in the market then automatically your brand will be improved.

what is your earnings in this field?

That is purely personal question you don’t to ask me I never give answer.

How your over all experience on Digital Marketing Field?

It was fantastic because I am very passionate about Digital Marketing.

Finally I want to know the suggestions for new starters ?

I want give one specific suggestion to new starters choose your niche then automatically you will settled on Digital Marketing Field.


Thank you very much sir for your valuable time to spend for my vision….thanks a lot.

by nalini mariboyina.

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